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Practice Health Check

Just like you perform regular checkups on your patients, we do the same for your practice! We ensure things like revenue growth, patient retention, and compliance are on track for you to be successful!

Receive a copy of the Practice Health Check directly to your inbox every month! Our KPIs and Metrics sum up your overall performance in key areas, so you always know where you stand!

Also get access to our Interactive Dashboards so you can explore your practice's data and uncover opportunities for growth.


Interactive Dashboards

Stop wasting time manually pulling reports from your practice management system and start enjoying dependable and accurate automated reporting.

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Revenue Trends.png

Revenue Trends

Understand where your practice's "dollars" are coming from.

Breakdown gross revenue by service and inventory categories, providers, species, and more! 

Compare gross revenue to the previous period to see areas of growth

Revenue by Category

See exactly where your practice excelled and underperformed compared to the previous period.


Compare gross revenue and number of patients served by code category.

Revenue by Category.png
Patient Retention.png

Patient Retention

How many of my patients are new, returning, or lapsed. 

On average, how many times did your patients return to the clinic in a year? 

Patient Compliance

How many patients are overdue for a recommended vaccine or service?

Patient Compliance.png
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Revenue Growth Tool

Set a reasonable growth goal for your practice and explore different ways to achieve it!

How could the following scenarios help achieve your goal? 

  • If you saw one extra patient per week?

  • If you implemented telehealth consults at your clinic?

  • If you increased the price of your top service by $1?

Revenue Goal Tracking

Track if your practice is on par to meet it's growth goal set on the Growth Tool (Previous Dashboard above)


Know where you stand so you know where to go! 


Understand the average revenue needed per month to reach your goal 

Revenue Goals.png
Screenshot 2023-01-13 222112.jpg

Email Marketing 

Identify which patients returned to the clinic as a result of your email marketing campaigns.


We keep track client that open emails, click on the link to your website, make appointments, and more!

We monitor the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns and provide recommendations based on clientele response. 

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